Monday, June 9, 2008

The Weekend

Well the weekend is over. Wow it was busy! Brian got a lot done around here. I didn't do so much! I helped out where I could but other then that I just kept some kids out of the way.

We've not got gutter up on the back of the house. The water can run somewhere OTHER then my backyard. YIPPEE. It rained last night/today too so it went up just in time.

Fence is up. Looks AWESOME. No more watching the neighbors dogs do nasty things to each other. I swear those people have a thing for horny dogs!! Also don't have to put up with the neighbor kid standing at the fence staring at us all day. We still have one more fence panel to put up but they didn't have enough posts in stock Saturday. Hopefully we'll be able to pick one up this week and get it finished.

Next is the dirt filled area. I've got to find some sod somewhere. It's a huge mess out there. Especially now that it rained!! It's mudville.

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