Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet the teacher night

We had head start orientation tonight. Boog got to play with the kids who will be in his class. He did pretty well but when I went in to get him after the parent meeting in the other room he was playing with a ball by himself.

BB said he played a little with a couple kids so thats a good thing. He had his physical and lab work done today...that was horrible. They took like a gallon of blood out of his poor little baby arm. I wanted to smack the lady for sticking that needle in him! In all honesty though she was the best lab tech I've ever dealt with. She told him what she was doing and smiled and talked to him the entire time. He cried but didn't freak out. Thank goodness. Oh he weighs 32 pounds :o) can't remember any of the other stuff!

BB had her first cheerleading practice tonight too. Holy cow there are 22 girls cheering this year. I think there are more cheerleaders then their are football players. It's nuts. Good thing...she's on the front row. She's getting taller so I was worried she'd be in the back..

No pictures tonight ... I'm off to bed!

Check back Sunday...I'll be out of town all weekend at the lake!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

baking and ice cream making night

I'm just making some vanilla soft serve tonight AND baking some zucchini bread...should be a nice fattening night around brattt's house!

Will blog later....must bake.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Miss Lacey

Today we met Miss Lacey. That is Boog's teacher at headstart. She came by the house to meet him and to talk about goals for him this school year.

We discussed what he can and can't do. Say his alphabet, count, identify colors and shapes. These are all things he can do pretty well right now. He skips a few on the alphabet and I'm sure there are some shapes he doesn't know. For the most part he's a smart little kiddo!

So we decided his 'goal' for the year would be to WRITE his first name :o) It's a short, sweet name so I have no doubts he'll be ablt to do it. He wants to do it too. He LOVES to use a pencil, pen, crayon, name it if it writes he wants to have it in his hand and make it work.

A d a m

Won't that be the cutest thing to see that little bitty boy write his name? And you know how proud he'll be? He's got a very big obsession right now with coloring too so this is perfect.

Look at the amount of concentration on his face!! And the marker on his nose! yes...those are 'color wonder' markers, the ones he used prior to these were NOT color wonder!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My day at Staples

Well the highlight of my day was hitting the back to school sale at Staples (again this week). Dirt cheap school supplies just make the happiest mama on earth. Weird I know. But I like em. lol
So I spent right at $29. The Sharpies were $10 bucks plus tax. So I think I did pretty stinking good. I've got enough paper for the school year now, enough glue for a life time and almost enough Sharpies to make my life complete!! lol Gonna go snap a few pics....BRB!

I got:

4 oz Elmers glue for FREE. 25 bottles. Did I mention it was FREE?

150 ct. filler paper (loose leaf paper) for .09 cents each. I got 25 of those.

Crayola markers for .79 each. I only got 4 broad and 4 fine.

Papermate mechanical pencils for .25 cents a pack. I only got 20 packs.
500 sheet ream of copy paper for $1.99 each. I got two. That was the limit :o( not pictured)

And the best part of the entire trip.... 24 pack of Sharpie fine point multi color 'limited edition' markers. Sharpies just send a tingle down my spine like nothing else in the world. And no it's no the smell of them!! All those colors and all the things you can write on with them. OH MAN. They make me happy :o)

Soft serve ice cream pics are here!

le Machine lol
mmmm ice cream and sprinkles, every kids dream come true!

The ice cream...the softest, silkiest, creamiest stuff on the planet. Dang, it was good!

So far we've made vanilla, chocolate, vanilla frozen yogurt and mint chocolate chip. Tonight I think we'll make orange cream something or other.

I told you...

I think I mentioned I'm a crappy blogger...didn't I? Ok well if I didn't I am now. I really would like to keep up with this alot more but geeeeez... what's there to blog about? Maybe once school starts I'll be better at it.

Let's just do random pictures again... everyone loves pictures right?

In my opinion, the cutest 3 yr old on earth. And a pretty darn good looking cake too!

Kasey Kahne....he's my man you know.

That kid in the hood, he's mine. You didn't know I had an older son?? Yep..names Jacob. He's not a picture kind of kid. That's his hooligan cousin Aaron with him. Or you can just call both of them TROUBLE!

ahhh hubby and the little kids. Hubby really does have SOME hair. It's just all slicked down from swimming. He'd kill me if he knew I put this pic on here. shhhh don't tell.

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