Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walk 1.5 miles in my shoes...

and you realize two things.

1- It was stinking COOL out tonight.

2- I need new shoes!

I've taken up walking. started with a mile the first day, now 1.5 miles on days 2 & 3, day four I'm shooting for 2 miles! I know it's not much but honestly people...I'm out of shape. Like pear shape pretty much :o) Plus my wonderful daughter Audrey and I are doing it together...except when she has better things to do (like church) then I'm on my own.

I borrowed her ipod tonight and listened to some Toby Mac, Petra, Barlow Girl?, and I don't know what else...oh Toby Keith... it was fun and I was alone! A rare thing for me. If my body could have handled it I would have walked all night just so I could enjoy the alone time and the nice scenery around me. We have a very pretty park in town with a nice walking trail.

On to other things. We have a birthday coming up at our house! Friday is BB's 8th Birthday! She's have a friend or two over and we'll go to dinner and out to see the new High School Musical movie. Should be FABULOUS! ROF I just hope they let me sit with them...they might be too cool for me to hang out with them!! yeah..right!

I won't be making a fancy cake this year, we decided to just get a fancy dessert at the restaurant and call that the birthday 'cake'. They'll sing to her and make a big fuss...I'll get a video and pics to share with you all. EIGHT?? Wow they'll all be grown before I know it. The thought just makes me sad. I'd probably have 20 more kids if Brian would let me... ROF Ok that's exaggerating, I really doubt I'd have any but sometimes I think I need just one more BABY. If only they'd stay babies longer. I miss that part.

Sniff sniff.

I've been busy making fancy smancy goody things for the birthday kids. Who ever shows up will get a very cute little Hannah Montana purse, made by me, full of girly girl items. Sparkly wallet, glitter spray, lip gloss, make up, hair pretties...I want to be 8! I tend to go overboard on this stuff... it's just how I roll.

I don't know anything else. The days are getting shorter, it's getting colder and dark earlier. Winter will hit us soon and I am so not ready. My kids need winter clothes!! I need winter clothes. It's pathetic to say this but I dont' buy myself clothes very often. I wait til everything is falling apart then I replenish. I learned a few weeks ago that my *favorite* store won't be selling MY jeans anymore. What the heck do I do now? I've been wearing those jeans for like 10 years. And they were just the right price. I'd go in and get about 4 pairs and be good to go for a year almost! lol So now I'm down to 2 'good' pair of jeans and one pair that I can only wear at home due to some nice holes on the booty area!

Shopping for clothes is just not something I enjoy. Now shopping for kids clothes I can do that.

I'm done for tonight. I'm ending it just like that... seeee ya! Ok I fooled ya... here's the purse I made for the party girls! I'm not done adding the 'bling' to it yet... but other then that I thought it was perty cute!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

isn't this the most gorgeous thing?? I love it and I know a couple little girls who would look awesome in it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall break is done...

whew... I made it through Fall Break! What a week it turned out to be. Lots went on this last week. Some good, some bad and some stuck in the middle there...

Good things.... Maddy turned ONE! She had an awesome party put on by her very proud mommy, MY sister Denise. She was the prettiest 1st birthday girl I've seen in about ..oh .. 8 years!! LOL Good job sister! You make me proud :o)

Bad things... I didn't get to lay around and be a bum like I had hoped... ROF Kidding...I hadn't really hoped for that. Seriously, a young girl from our town lost her mom this last week. She was a great lady who loved her family dearly and took part in the community. She'll be missed and I feel so sad for that teenage girl who is with out her best friend now.

In the middle things... Boog was the happiest he's been in awhile... makes me think him and school might not be the best things on the planet. We are going to give it a little more time though and see what happens. I made goodie bags for a pee wee football game and that was a mess. Look parents... just spare us all the hoopla over the 'goodie bags'.. do kids really need a special treat after every single freaking ball game?? uhh NO! How about a good ol' fashioned 'pat on the back' or 'job well done' with a hug and smile.. please..

So that's about all that went on... I still need to finish these tote bag purse things for BB's party on Friday... no idea if anyone is even coming and I really hate to make two more of them if the kids aren't even going to show up. If they do show up how cool to get a handmade bling'd out Hannah Montana purse full of all the girly girl things you could want.... think lip gloss, body glitter, sparkly wallet, hair majiggers... I'd be happy. Who knows now a days rarely even know what homemade is!

Tuesday morning I'm helping the headstart class make t-shirts for Halloween...another one of my brilliant ideas. It just amazes me how full of this stuff I can be... I way over do it. I mean it's 17 three & four year olds... ugh.

I have Girl Scouts on Tuesday afternoon, we are trying out a new meeting place...i'm VERY nervous about that. I've got to make cup cakes and decorate them since we didn't plan a Halloween party...ooopss been to busy and forgot about that. I'll surprise them with cupcakes & games after we do our badgework! Sounds good to me. Oh and I'm making chocolate dipped pretzel rods with Halloween sprinkles! mmmm yum

Right now I should be sleeping but I want to get some stuff done. Yes... like computer type stuff.... telling you about my week type stuff... lol

ok I have nothing else for you.. Here's my dinner menu for the week if anyone is's quick and easy and centers around LEFTOVERS!

Monday - Pioneer Womans 'Chicken Spaghetti'

Tuesday - Leftover 'Chicken Spaghetti' (her recipe makes a boat load so it's a 2 niter kid of meal)

Wednesday - Roast, carrots, taters & gravy

Thursday - 'Roast beef' sandwiches :o)

Friday - Savana's b-day party so I'll get to eat dinner at Santa Fe... everyone else (Brian and the big kids) will get to fend for themselves! haha

Goodnight everyone... let me find a good picture to leave you with!

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