Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walk 1.5 miles in my shoes...

and you realize two things.

1- It was stinking COOL out tonight.

2- I need new shoes!

I've taken up walking. started with a mile the first day, now 1.5 miles on days 2 & 3, day four I'm shooting for 2 miles! I know it's not much but honestly people...I'm out of shape. Like pear shape pretty much :o) Plus my wonderful daughter Audrey and I are doing it together...except when she has better things to do (like church) then I'm on my own.

I borrowed her ipod tonight and listened to some Toby Mac, Petra, Barlow Girl?, and I don't know what else...oh Toby Keith... it was fun and I was alone! A rare thing for me. If my body could have handled it I would have walked all night just so I could enjoy the alone time and the nice scenery around me. We have a very pretty park in town with a nice walking trail.

On to other things. We have a birthday coming up at our house! Friday is BB's 8th Birthday! She's have a friend or two over and we'll go to dinner and out to see the new High School Musical movie. Should be FABULOUS! ROF I just hope they let me sit with them...they might be too cool for me to hang out with them!! yeah..right!

I won't be making a fancy cake this year, we decided to just get a fancy dessert at the restaurant and call that the birthday 'cake'. They'll sing to her and make a big fuss...I'll get a video and pics to share with you all. EIGHT?? Wow they'll all be grown before I know it. The thought just makes me sad. I'd probably have 20 more kids if Brian would let me... ROF Ok that's exaggerating, I really doubt I'd have any but sometimes I think I need just one more BABY. If only they'd stay babies longer. I miss that part.

Sniff sniff.

I've been busy making fancy smancy goody things for the birthday kids. Who ever shows up will get a very cute little Hannah Montana purse, made by me, full of girly girl items. Sparkly wallet, glitter spray, lip gloss, make up, hair pretties...I want to be 8! I tend to go overboard on this stuff... it's just how I roll.

I don't know anything else. The days are getting shorter, it's getting colder and dark earlier. Winter will hit us soon and I am so not ready. My kids need winter clothes!! I need winter clothes. It's pathetic to say this but I dont' buy myself clothes very often. I wait til everything is falling apart then I replenish. I learned a few weeks ago that my *favorite* store won't be selling MY jeans anymore. What the heck do I do now? I've been wearing those jeans for like 10 years. And they were just the right price. I'd go in and get about 4 pairs and be good to go for a year almost! lol So now I'm down to 2 'good' pair of jeans and one pair that I can only wear at home due to some nice holes on the booty area!

Shopping for clothes is just not something I enjoy. Now shopping for kids clothes I can do that.

I'm done for tonight. I'm ending it just like that... seeee ya! Ok I fooled ya... here's the purse I made for the party girls! I'm not done adding the 'bling' to it yet... but other then that I thought it was perty cute!


Tiara said...

Cute purse! I tend to get carried away with birthday goodie bags too. I'd love to go walking, by the time Bailey gets home from work though it's too late.

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