Monday, August 18, 2008

One more day..

OMG only one more day til school starts. I might be starting to freak out a little bit. I'm ready don't get me wrong but I'm also REALLy nervous at times about Boog going to school.

I keep thinking he's just a baby, but I know he's not. I know it will be good for him to play with other kids, make friends, learn things and get away from mama for a bit. He can be quite the Mama's boy BUT he can be a big daddy's boy too. He goes back and forth.

Either way he's going and if I hate it I can always take him out. Right? I think he's going to like it once he gets used to it. I'm just rambling about it now.

So Thursday night we went to Orientation. It wasn't anything to exciting. Went over the basic stuff, when to pick up and drop off your kid, what they can wear, NO flip flops lol ...what they'll do all day. Pretty structured, not like daycare. They will learn while they are there, not just play all day.

I'm sure I've said all this before huh? Ok how about a picture from the other night?

Ok here's one...

not only is he running but he's kicking a ball in the classroom! Way to go Boog? lol

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