Monday, August 4, 2008

Ice cream!

We got a soft serve ice cream machine this weekend! Will post pics in a bit...I forgot I haven't uploaded them from the camera yet! der

Sunday, August 3, 2008

School shopping day

It's tax free weekend here in OK so I'm loading the kids up and taking them all shopping for school clothes. Audrey went to the mall with Jarrod yesterday and spent most of her money. She did pretty good, coming home with 4 pair of jeans, a top, back pack & a wallet. lol At least she didn't but a million pairs of flip flops!

Today I'm focusing on getting Jacob some jeans & shirts and he needs new glasses. He cracked the lens on his the first night of football camp! Oh and she's...he needs shoes....again!

BB & Boog will easy, they just need jeans and I'll let BB pick out a few tops for fun. She has tons of shirts already but probably nothing too decent to wear to school. And Boog, well I don't think I'll dress him up too fancy since it's just headstart. I imagine he'll come home with lunch on his shirt or paint or who knows what every day.

I'm also stopping by staples to stock up on spiral notebooks. They are on sale for .05 today! I can't pass a deal like that.

So that's what I'll be doing today...what's everyone else up too???

Oh here's a pic ........just because !!

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