Monday, August 11, 2008

Miss Lacey

Today we met Miss Lacey. That is Boog's teacher at headstart. She came by the house to meet him and to talk about goals for him this school year.

We discussed what he can and can't do. Say his alphabet, count, identify colors and shapes. These are all things he can do pretty well right now. He skips a few on the alphabet and I'm sure there are some shapes he doesn't know. For the most part he's a smart little kiddo!

So we decided his 'goal' for the year would be to WRITE his first name :o) It's a short, sweet name so I have no doubts he'll be ablt to do it. He wants to do it too. He LOVES to use a pencil, pen, crayon, name it if it writes he wants to have it in his hand and make it work.

A d a m

Won't that be the cutest thing to see that little bitty boy write his name? And you know how proud he'll be? He's got a very big obsession right now with coloring too so this is perfect.

Look at the amount of concentration on his face!! And the marker on his nose! yes...those are 'color wonder' markers, the ones he used prior to these were NOT color wonder!


Christina said...

Very cool! I've tried teaching Karly to write. She wants to, but just can't. lol

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