Sunday, August 10, 2008

My day at Staples

Well the highlight of my day was hitting the back to school sale at Staples (again this week). Dirt cheap school supplies just make the happiest mama on earth. Weird I know. But I like em. lol
So I spent right at $29. The Sharpies were $10 bucks plus tax. So I think I did pretty stinking good. I've got enough paper for the school year now, enough glue for a life time and almost enough Sharpies to make my life complete!! lol Gonna go snap a few pics....BRB!

I got:

4 oz Elmers glue for FREE. 25 bottles. Did I mention it was FREE?

150 ct. filler paper (loose leaf paper) for .09 cents each. I got 25 of those.

Crayola markers for .79 each. I only got 4 broad and 4 fine.

Papermate mechanical pencils for .25 cents a pack. I only got 20 packs.
500 sheet ream of copy paper for $1.99 each. I got two. That was the limit :o( not pictured)

And the best part of the entire trip.... 24 pack of Sharpie fine point multi color 'limited edition' markers. Sharpies just send a tingle down my spine like nothing else in the world. And no it's no the smell of them!! All those colors and all the things you can write on with them. OH MAN. They make me happy :o)


Christina said...

I want some new sharpies!! I need to find a sale like that. You gotta let me know when they have those! lol I really need more supplies. Congrats on finding the good deals!

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