Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet the teacher night

We had head start orientation tonight. Boog got to play with the kids who will be in his class. He did pretty well but when I went in to get him after the parent meeting in the other room he was playing with a ball by himself.

BB said he played a little with a couple kids so thats a good thing. He had his physical and lab work done today...that was horrible. They took like a gallon of blood out of his poor little baby arm. I wanted to smack the lady for sticking that needle in him! In all honesty though she was the best lab tech I've ever dealt with. She told him what she was doing and smiled and talked to him the entire time. He cried but didn't freak out. Thank goodness. Oh he weighs 32 pounds :o) can't remember any of the other stuff!

BB had her first cheerleading practice tonight too. Holy cow there are 22 girls cheering this year. I think there are more cheerleaders then their are football players. It's nuts. Good thing...she's on the front row. She's getting taller so I was worried she'd be in the back..

No pictures tonight ... I'm off to bed!

Check back Sunday...I'll be out of town all weekend at the lake!


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