Saturday, July 19, 2008


We took a little trip. Loaded up the van, kids & Nana and headed to Branson, Missouri. We stayed at "The Wilderness Log Cabins & Rv Park". It was a fun trip with lots of interesting things happening along the way. Nothing like having some ol' toothless mechanic say 'your lucky that battery ain't exploded yet'... ahhhh nice! The folks at the Wal Mart auto center in Joplin are real friendly! And if your a dishonest person you can drive away with there little machine that starts your car if you have a dead battery! They just left it in my van and had no clue it was even there!
We stayed busy the entire time. We rode the ducks, the girls saw the 'Hollywood Wax Museum', Silver Dollar City. The kids swam alot at the pool where we stayed too! Will have more pics when I figure out how to put more then one in a post!


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