Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I remember you...

hey it's my blog! I had almost forgotten all about you. HELLO!!!

Ok so I'm lame...I know. I'm BUSY...geeez people.. It's not like you've been by to check on me anyway....I mean I didn't receive any emails showing concern for my lack of blogging.

Yeah..well I'm sure you care.... yep...I feel the love. I do.

I'll try and get better at this but I really don't have a life so there's just not much to talk about. . . Sad I know...


Carri said...

Your wrong I do come check it out once a week and you are also wrong that nobody cares because I do, but sadly my blog has been suffering as well. As you see school has taken a toll on life but that is changing because my teacher has told me to blog, well sort of.

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