Friday, July 10, 2009

Starting Again

So much has been going on. School got out the end of May. Since then we've just been busy almost all the time.

We started summer off with the filling of the pool. Only to discover it had some small holes and we needed to drain it and fix those. Did that, swam for a week or two and darn it, new holes. New holes grew in to giant ones and the pool ended up draining overnight while we slept. So pool was filled TWICE before we realized it was too far gone to fill again.

Brian turned the sides of it into a giant sip and slide. That was fun for the kids, not so much for me as I could only see someone splitting there head open or breaking an arm.

Never fear, Nana came to the rescue and decided she would get the kids a new pool. AWESOME! So we made a quick trip to Wal Mart and came home with a new pool. 15 X 4ft deep. A little deeper than the old pool but no biggie.

So kids now have something to do all summer.

I spent a week at Falls Creek helping out as a cook. Audrey & Craig went as campers. It was pretty fun. Felt nice to help out since the church is always so good to my kid.

Right after that we spent a week at Girl Scout day camp. That was not nearly as fun as Falls Creek but it was ok. Slept in a tent with BB & Boog. Got hot and tired and was so glad when the week was over!

Next, Audrey got a job! She's one of the activities people at the Nursing home in town. Lucky kid makes minimum wage and is currently working FULL time. She has a better job than her mom, who currently has NO job!

Craig went to California for a few weeks. That was exciting to me, Audrey not so much!

My sister, her husband and my niece came to visit the weekend before 4th of July. That was a great weekend. We did some shopping, went to the zoo and had a cookout. It's always fun to see my sister and Maddy. I miss them!!

I took the kids to Ada to see Grandma. (Brian's grandma) She's been living down there with her daughter since Christmas. We sure miss her. She's not doing the best health wise so it's best that she be with someone who can watch after her. Poor Judy though, I know she is wore it. I've gone up to Ada twice now to visit. It's my plan to keep that up as long as I can and to help Judy with anything while I'm there. She's such a good person and does so much for everyone.

4th of July came and went without much excitement. Brian's mom invited us over for dinner. She kept the kids Friday night and then BB stayed over again on Saturday night. It stormed something awful right before the fireworks display was set to start. It was cancelled. Poor BB was so dissappointed! It all worked out though since they had it the next night. We were able to sit in our driveway and see the awesome show! Our little town put on a pretty good show.

And here we are, up to date now. I'm sitting home with 2 of the 4 kiddos listening to the sounds of construction take place. The beautiful empty field across the street from my house has been bought and is now being made over. We aren't sure what yet but some type of housing is going to be built there soon. I'm not excited at all. I'd much rather see and empty field out my front window than some persons house. Nothing I can do though.

So that's that. Kids are actually still asleep at 9 am! I've been up since 6:45 ish. ahhhh how peaceful it is.

Next on the agenda is laundry and some cleaning before they want to hang out in the pool all afternoon!


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