Friday, May 30, 2008


It's Friday. Nothing exciting happening today. Still working on potty training with Boog. The kid has peed 6 times today. All in the potty. Go BOOG! He's very excited about it. He get's a sticker on a chart each time he potties. Bless his little heart, he keeps saying 'I've got 2 stickers!' lol I guess teaching him to count is next huh?

I finally let BB get in the pool. I swear she was going to loose it if I didn't let her swim. Now she's sitting outside shivering because it's very windy and the water is VERY cold! She's a nut.

I've got to get dinner going soon. It's eggroll night. Lots of work but they are worth it. I guess tha'ts it from me.

Audrey is getting a hair cut today. I can't wait to see what she got done. I'm hoping it will be a noticeable difference but I'm not so sure. She's not very daring! lol Ok....gotta jet.


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