Saturday, May 31, 2008


ANother day. I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating muffins and watching these ugly black birds steal all of my dogs food. I'm gonna try and get a pic of one.....brb... ok I scared it away when I got up to get the camera! I'll keep trying.

ok got a pic.... woo hoo

Today is backyard maintenance day... or something like that. Brian is going to do some work on the yard, leveling it out, running electrical stuff so we can plug in the pool filter, etc... Should be a mess.

I think I'll hang out inside and clean stuff. I'm sure at some point the kids will want to swim and based on how windy it is right now I don't know that I will be jumping in the pool or not! I'm not even a big fan of swimming!!!

I've got to go to the store today and get brown sugar. I HATE being out of stuff like that. I always have milk, sugar, brown sugar & flour. ALWAYS. Those are like necessities in my life. Oh and eggs. Must have eggs. You can make just about anything good with those ingredients!

I think I'll go take a shower and make myself presentable for the day. toodles!

oh that pesky bird hasn't come back since I typed that up there! LOSER


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