Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nothing happening

There's just nothing exciting going on around here lately. I think I told everyone about my pumpkins.... and then there's the giant Okra we grew...well Brian grew. I don't do the garden thing.

That's the problem with having a blog and being on email groups. You post stuff to your email groups then it seems like a waste to post it on your blog too...and vice versa. There are only so many people out there who care what's goin on in my life!!

So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm just going to show you some random pictures! lol Most people know I take pictures of here are some of my favorites.

A very rare picture of me and Audrey....together!

I look awful! Me and Maddykins. My beautiful niece who I love to death!

Cute kid....trying out new hairdos for school!

Frog. Found it in the backyard. That sucker could hop.

BB the jungle girl? Look out Bindi....

I could post soooo many more pics, it's not even funny. I love to take pictures. I need a better camera. Ok I have one hillarious video I need to find and post here.... I'll be back!


Tiara said...

Boogs gotten so big! I felt exactly the same way. I've gotten out of the loop scene, my blog is now the 'window peeking in' to our life. It keeps everyone that's interested up to date on our daily happenings :)

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