Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I got an award!

Thank you first to Christina! She's an awesome mom, photographer, cook, name it! Just a genuinely sweet kind person. Wonderful kids and huband! Thanks again Christina!!

Now for me to pass it on!!

I guess we're not positive on the rules, but we're following these guidelines.

1. Post your award in a blog and on your sidebar as a widget.
2. Pass the award onto at least 5 other bloggers that you admire or respect that are Edgy, Bold, Modern, Unique , Humorous or all of the above, with links to their sites and to the site of the awarder :).
3. Make sure to describe why it is you admire these particular bloggers.

So here goes.

Wow this is hard! I've just recently gotten into reading blogs and don't know of that many! hmmm

First I'm going to go with 'Rach' at 'Life with Hannah & Lily'. I've never met her but I love reading her blog. She's a very strong women and I admire her strength. She's dealt with a great loss in her life and I just can't imagine what she's gone through over the last year. I love reading her 'Sparklies' and stories of her life.

Next I'll go with 'Tiara' over at 'My Life, with you'. She's a young fun mommy to 2 adorable little ones. I've never met her either but we were on a mommy group together at one time. She's fun and a great mom!

Ok crap! I have to stop here for now. Kids need me. I will finish later tonight... Again thank you Christina!!!


Rach said...

Aw, thanks! This is SO sweet of you!



Tiara said...

Aw, thanks! That's so sweet :D

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